An FTN message network for Wildcat!/WINServer SysOps


WINSnet is a small FTN echomail network set up by Thomas Kloos, Frank Rauhuff, and Robert Wolfe to support Sysops who run Santronics Software's Wildcat! Interactive Net Server BBS software.

How to join...

Joining is as simple as completing an online form, and setting up the necessary message and file echos. You will then be sent an email with any necessary details, and we will begin sending you messages.

The preferred transport method for WINSnet mail is via telnet/VMODEM thru Netserial. Netserial is by PCMicro and they offer a Sysop price of $25. They offer a 30 day trial. Visit This works great with PXOnline.

Our current message network contains the following areas:

We also have a small file network as well. It contains the following areas:

PXW and NetSerial

If you need help setting up PXW and Netserial, one of our members, Terry Roati, has written 2 documents on the subject. You can download them from the navigation bar above.

Connections Available

We offer both vModem(telnet) connections via NetSerial and BinkP connections. In the Application, you can specify which connection type you require.